Understanding the Process of Working With a Bail Bondsman

understanding the process of working with a bail bondsman

When accused of a crime, you will have to wait behind bars until it’s time for your trial unless you’re able to post bail. Most people don’t have the money for bail readily available, so many choose to work with bail bondsmen. Understanding the process of working with a bail bondsman can help you decide if it’s right for you.

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If you’re behind bars, you may need a loved one to call a local bail bond company. When they call, it’s important that they have all of the information that’s pertinent to your case ready. This includes your full name, the charges placed against you, the name and location of where you’re being detained, and your booking number. This information will allow the bail bondsman to work quickly and efficiently.

When the bail bond company presents you with a contract, take the time to review it thoroughly. The typical cost of working with a bail bond company is between 10% and 20% of the total price of your bail. Additionally, they will require a high-value asset to be put down as collateral. If you skip your court date, this asset will be possessed and additional legal action may be taken against you.

For more information on the process of working with a bail bondsman, please review the attached video.

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