How Boston Businesses Prevent Workplace Injuries and Avoid Workmans Comp Trials

workmans comp trials

Workmans comp trials can lead to a loss of both time and money for a business. It’s concerning to note that a good number of injuries leading to this could have actually been avoided by taking the right measures. It’s the responsibility of a business owner to safeguard their business and protect it from issues that could lead to its decline, either in terms of finances or reputation. To do this effectively, it’s a good idea to know what some of these measures are. Outlined below are a few that are used by Boston businesses, and from which you can learn.

Treat Minor Injuries Quickly and Correctly

One of the things that can prevent or lower the occurrence of workmans comp trials is treating minor injuries quickly and correctly. That’s because a minor injury can get worse with time, becoming a more serious issue that will call for more extensive intervention in order to remedy it effectively. In some cases, it may not even be possible to restore the issue to a state of perfect health. The same case applies if an injury is not treated correctly when it occurs.

That said, you may do well to enlist the services of a professional physician or enroll for membership at a nearby reputable health care center. This way, it will be fast and easy for you to get treatment for any of your employees who gets injured. Make sure that you can get both emergency and long-term care at this place so that you don’t end up having to search for a different place to take someone when they get injured and can’t get the treatment that they need. In the end, remember that sessions of physical therapy, for instance, may cost you less than settlement or a trial.

Keep Hazards Out of Reach

Another measure that can help keep your employees safe is to keep hazards well out of reach. These should be kept out of the way, with a protocol in place as far as their handling goes. The right safety protocol should ensure that dangerous items are handled by trained staff to keep the risk of injury low. Set up the relevant organization details, which could include a sharps recovery system. With one in place, it’s bound to be easier to handle items that could injure employees who handle them the wrong way.

Ensuring that you have a practical system for handling hazardous material will do more than protect the health of your employees. It’s also going to keep you in compliance with government regulations, which typically involve safety details that aim to safeguard the health of workers in various environments. As a result of this, you’ll avoid fines and other expenses that you may end up having to deal with for failure to comply with legal stipulations. When you compare the costs of complying with those of failure to do so, it will be clear to you that compliance is the better route.

workmans comp trials

Train and Re-Train Employees Thoroughly

When employees know what they should do and how they should do it, they’re going to be a lot safer while they work. This will keep injuries and incidents in general to a low, saving you time and money. To ensure that employees know these details, run trainings on a regular basis. You can hire professionals to do this training or partner with an institution that offers the training in question. Right from the moment a new employee joins the team, make sure that they’re trained on the basics.

Keep in mind that over time, and with doing the same things for a long time, employees may get too comfortable and potentially get careless. It’s a good idea to remind them of the importance of following all the safety protocols in place by setting re-training sessions often. It doesn’t matter if your business deals with dangers like chemicals or garage door springs, they may get comfortable or simply forget a crucial step or routine. This can lead to various workmans comp trials that will probably cost you more money than running regular training sessions would have cost you.

Require the Use of PPE

As far as handling dangerous items goes, you need to ensure that your workers have PPE, and they know how to use them. This is something that may be covered during training sessions, but you should consider putting signs up as well. These signs should have reminders of when and how to use the various PPE that you avail. Ensure that these are clear to see and placed at strategic points throughout the business area. This may lower the chances of employees simply forgetting to take a precautionary measure.

On your part, make sure that you avail all the necessary PPE depending on the industry your business is in. If you’re a stainless steel supplier, for instance, you’ll need safety gloves and boots, hard hats, and masks to protect workers from noxious fumes that might be produced at the workplace. It’s important for you to ensure that all necessary PPE are available at strategic points throughout the workplace and that they’re of the right quality. This way, you’ll lower the risk of ending up on the losing side of various workmans comp trials.

Maintain Strict Safety Protocols

Come up with safety protocols that should be followed at your workplace. Ensure that each employee knows these, and as with the PPE, put up signs at strategic points throughout your business. This should help people remember what they’re supposed to do at all times. This is whether they’re under supervision or they’re not, which may be easier to keep up with if the other safety measures are met.

From businesses that deal with compactor rentals to those handling flammable or highly combustible materials, strict safety protocols are a must. These should be enforced by taking disciplinary action where necessary. This will help reinforce the fact that these measures are non-negotiable and are in place to help lower the occurrence of issues that may end up in workmans comp trials. Employees need to know that they need to be responsible for their own safety as long as the conditions permit.

Encourage a Healthy Fear of Dangerous Objects

Remind your employees that even in a case where they get a tidy sum of money at the end of various workmans comp trials, they still need to take care of themselves. That’s because the risk typically far outweighs any possible compensation as it may involve permanent disability or even worse as a result of a workplace injury. To this end, ensure that the entire team understands the dangerous nature of substances that they handle or equipment that they operate.

Remind them of the potential outcomes of getting too comfortable around dangerous objects. To do this effectively, you can use illustrations and other explanatory graphics to ensure that each employee clearly understands the repercussions of carelessness. This is something that may be especially applicable in a work environment like a scrap yard, where there are many high-powered pieces of equipment in operation at any given time. The better employees understand the details of things that could go wrong, the more likely they are to keep themselves safe and prevent workmans comp trials.

Educate Employees on Workplace Safety Best Practices

Take things a step further in a bid to prevent workmans comp trials by educating your employees on best practices for workplace safety. This involves sharing relevant information to all employees on the industry standards of safe operations. It can be done during trainings and also shared regularly to employees in a direct way. This could take the form of emails and other written communications. You can also make use of informative videos at various times via monitors at the workplace.

Make sure that your employees know the details of any equipment that they have to work with. If, for instance, you deal with industrial insulation covers, ensure that all employees know the details associated with them. From the parts that they comprise to other details such as their uses and the best way to handle them. The more information that workers have in terms of what’s expected of them, the more willing they may be to comply with various safety practices.

Avoid Overscheduling (Even if It Means Losing Customers)

Another great way for you to prevent or lower the likelihood of ending up with workmans comp trials on your hands is to avoid over scheduling at all costs. When you over schedule, you place additional strain in your employees. This makes them more likely to disregard regular safety protocols in a bid to meet the demands placed on them. This may have disastrous outcomes which could end up costing a lot more than you expected to gain. No matter how much you feel you might lose, you should never give in to the temptation of over scheduling.

If your business deals with something like truck repairs, there’s an especially high risk. That’s because working in a rush may see your employees fail to do the job right. Apart from placing themselves at risk by working fast, a shoddy job in this case places the truck driver and other road users in danger. As a result of this, you may put your business in a tough spot and end up with turmoil that could have been avoided.

workmans comp trials

Manage Employee Downtime, Sick Days, and Overtime Hours

You need to remember that your employees are human. This means that they’re going to have good days and bad days. That said, make sure that you either manage or hire a professional to help you manage employee downtime, sick days, and their overtime hours. This can help keep things balanced for your employees without impacting your business and causing a slow down in production. Never deny someone time off if they need to handle personal affairs as this may see them lose focus at work, always a risky affair.

If your business is in the auto industry, look into solutions like an automotive shop management system. This can help you keep things running properly without you having to add another person to your payroll. Even if you pay for the system, it’s going to pay well for itself and help you to streamline your operations to an impressive degree. Do some research to find out the technologies that other people in your industry are using and also check to see if there’s something better. This may be one decision that helps you and your team to achieve the best.

Design a Safe Workplace

Last but definitely not least, it’s important that you make sure that your workplace is safe. If you have an unsafe workplace, putting the other measures in place may not help a lot. It’s therefore worth undergoing the expense to design your workplace into a safer area that’s easy to keep clean and that you can maintain the necessary safety protocols. Enlist the help of a professional so that you know the best layout for your particular business in terms of safety. While the details of the layout will vary from one business to the next, some basics are going to remain the same.

Some of these basics include a slip-proof floor that’s easy to clean, wide walkways that are clear of obstructions, and bright, functional lights. If you need additional safety measures, you may need to talk to a professional like a structural engineer for advice. The expense that goes into this is going to be well worth it because it will be considerably easier for employees to follow safety protocols. In some cases, your business area should also meet certain codes as far as the layout goes, so you’ll have handled this as well.

With these methods, Boston businesses are ensuring that there’s a lower chance of ending up in the middle of a workers comp trial. Remember that keeping these incidences low also has the effect of earning your business a reputation for safety. This may make it easier for you to hire the best professionals on the market and therefore get the best for your business.

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